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204 mm 8 in

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The Cannonball is absolutely one of the sturdiest winter boots! With its patented « 4Grip » non-skidding, non-marking, flexible and oil resistant natural rubber outsole, it offers a unique resistance. In addition to its researched look, this safety boot has a superior protection at the metatarsal area and meets the CSA / ESR standards. It is waterproof and offers a comfort zone up to -75°F. This is the ideal product for outdoor workers walking long hours in extreme cold temperature!

  • Natural rubber 4GRIP ice slip resistant outsole, resistant to wear and extreme temperature
  • Anti-torsion polypropylene insole integrated to the Wellmax anti-perforation midsole and protector side support
  • Lightweight and non-conductive composite toe
  • Internal lightweight, comfortable and flexible Poron® XRDTM metguard protection. On impact, the XRD high performance molecules create a unique protective shield that can absorb up to 90% of the most intense force according to ASTM-F1614-C standards
  • CSA and ESR certified boot
  • 90 degree heel angle
  • High visibility reflective inserts
  • 1000g of Thinsulate™ insulation surrounding the foot
  • Breathable waterproof Sympatex® ALLWEATHER membrane
  • Extra wide fit (4E) for more room and comfort
  • Padded ankle protection
  • Removable multi-layered molded insulating insole (EVA, polyurethane foam and felt)
  • Dual density outsole made from natural rubber and comfortable lightweight EVA core
  • Padded collar
  • Metal free construction
  • 2mm waterproof leather with sealed seams
  • Full leather upper
  • PU scuff resistant toe cap for increased wear protection
  • Polymer eyelets
  • CSA Metatarsal protection identified on laces
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I bought these boots in Jan '15 in Toronto. They took roughly a full month of daily wear to work in, but were still comfortable from the start. These boots are SUPER warm and comfortable to wear all day long eve n if you are standing on your feet 10 hours straight. They are indeed waterproof as well and small enough to drive a regular car with - this was a huge plus for me as I no longer have a truck which had more room for another winter boot I had, but could not use for work. I am very pleased with this purchase, although was able to get them for ~$220 with tax, $300 would have been a little steep for my budget but seeing as I have complaints it would be fair enough. These are not heavy, nor super light - but considering they are an 8" it's pretty light - I know 'cause I shopped for a summer pair today and tons of 6" boots were noticeably heavier than these. These have been super for the winter indoors and out of course. I have never done a review on boots, but considering I had never heard of this company and could not find any reviews (I can't seem to read any reviews from this site, so I hope this is not done in vain and that you can read this) I thought I would try to help someone else out if they were on the fence. These are awesome boots, not a single complaint - save maybe the long time to work in, but I never noticed it took that long until they start fitting better and better after a month of wear which was a bonus since they were just fine to begin with! An easy 10/10 for me.


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