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292 mm 11.5 in

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Available in sizes 6 to17, the X-tra has an extra-large last to fit over work boots with metatarsal protection and very thick outsole. It is made of waterproof natural rubber and is knit lined. Its lower part is reinforced with thicker rubber and features a wide bellows tongue which imparts a wide opening and offers great waterproof qualities.

  • Knit lining
  • Waterproof natural rubber
  • Adjustable buckle and wide bellows tongue
  • Lower part reinforced by thicker rubber
  • Extra-large last for boots with metatarsal guard and very thick outsole
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I have owned about 20prs Acton overshoes as they are the only one which will fit over work boots. recently(last 2 prs) the boot is much improved, correcting the normal failure at the base of the bellows and buckle failures - the new boots are prone to almost instant failure of the closure - within the firest work day either the buckle seperates from the boot or eyelets fall out and the tounge of the buckle shears off the strap often on booth boots the same day - replacement of the closure system by popriveting on a 1 in by 18 in HD dog collar will get nearly a year out of these boots until the soles seperate from the sides within the toe cap area-(old ones leaked within 3 mo)- overall with modifications and repairs these are a much improved boot and the only game in town for those of us who wear work boots in mucky enviroments-ps these failures are termed "rough use" and not covered by warranty


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