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114 mm 4.5 in

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Extra-large last to fit over work boots with metatarsal protection and very thick outsole, the Robson is made of waterproof natural rubber and is knit lined. Moreover, it features a short tongue covering the laces. It is important to order one size bigger than Acton leather work boot.

  • Order one size larger than Acton® work boots sizes
  • Extra-large last for boots with metatarsal guard and very thick outsole
  • Waterproof natural rubber
  • Knit lining
  • Short tongue covering the laces
  • Wide opening
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I began wearing this overshoe over my work issued boot last year (winter of 2014). Early into this winter season (2015) I developed a leak where my right heal (gas pedal foot) l rubs/wears on the floor boards of my work vehicle. Repeated attempts to mend/repair them with various products has been unsuccessful. The robust outsole needs to be a bit more ROBUST!
My right foot was so wet when I got home yesterday that when my sock dried, it was a crusty matt of salted fabric (from all the salt I had walked through yesterday).

I think I should get more than one season out of these $50.00 overshoes. By comparison I still have a pair of high top rubber overshoes issued over 20 years
ago that are in better shape than these are.

In the mean time three other workmates purchased this model of Acton overshoe early this season on my recommendation. I hope they have better luck than I did.

Shaun Steele

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